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20 Pumped up Female Bodybuilders You don’t want to mess with

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When you think of buff arms, strong shoulders, a broad chest and protruding veins, you probably imagine the morphed physique of a male bodybuilder. However, men aren’t the only ones bulking up way beyond the normal standards.

Prior to 1977, bodybuilding was considered a strictly male-oriented sport, but once women began pumping iron to transform their bodies into exaggerated shapes, the game changed.

The opinions regarding women bodybuilders vary depending on who you ask. Some people say they admire their unique beauty and strength, while others find them incredibly grotesque.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: These are definitely 20 female bodybuilders you wouldn’t want to piss off.

To the best of our knowledge, all of these images are indeed women and have not been altered or photoshopped.

Do you think female bodybuilders are scary? Check out this pics gallery and decide for yourself.

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Hot Female Stars x 11 before/after & now pics


In Hollywood, it’s incredibly important to age gracefully. Sometimes, the pressure to look a certain way can be overwhelming. For this reason, many celebrities – young and old – turn to plastic surgery or drastic weight loss to maintain their good looks. Unfortunately, those methods don’t always work and the celebrities end up looking worse than when they started. Here are 11 female celebrities who used to be hot but, unfortunately, aren’t anymore:


1. Tara Reid

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Tara partied her way from a reality television beauty to a scary looking C-List actress. Her California looks somehow melted away through a haze of drugs and drastic weight loss, leave her looking dreary and drawn.


2. Madonna

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Madonna, the reigning goddess of pop, has not aged gracefully. She went from blonde bombshell to just really old in a very short space of time, largely because of — again — plastic surgery. Madge should’ve taken the normal route and stayed with her original face because everyone loved it, and it would no doubt have looked much better than it does now.


3. Donatella Versace

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The queen of the fashion world made the horrible mistake of trying to be more beautiful than her models — with catastrophic results. Donatella, as her name suggests, was once a blonde beauty. Once the plastic surgeries and alleged drug use began to take their toll, Donatella became almost unrecognizable.


4. Meg Ryan 

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For much of the 90s, America’s sweetheart was actress Meg Ryan. Starring in the decade’s most popular romantic comedies like Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally, she charmed the world with her blonde locks and adorable face. Age and plastic surgery, unfortunately, couldn’t keep Meg’s spell on America. Her face and body wilted, and although it would be a stretch to say Meg Ryan is ugly, she’s definitely not the beauty she was.


5. Kelly Lebrock 

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Kelly Lebrock was part of the Girl Next Door club of young, beautiful actresses. With charming good looks and her bright personality, she landed many coveted roles. Unfortunately, the dreaded curse of weight gain hit, and Lebrock ballooned to more than 200 pounds. She joined and fell off the celebrity weight loss wagon, but it was much too late for her.


6. Lindsay Lohan 

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Lindsay Lohan was the teen idol of the early 2000s. Her youthful good looks and wholesome image from popular movies like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls cemented her fame. Lindsay took a wrong turn somewhere in her late teens, joining the many child stars whose lives have been derailed by drug and alcohol abuse. She lost drastic, unhealthy amounts of weight, and her skin began to become papery and sagged. The perky, “good girl” idol was no more after her stints in rehab and run-ins with the law.


7. Lil Kim 

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Lil Kim was the hottest MC in the game. She was leagues ahead of other female rappers of her time, and her lyricist skills were praised in and out of the industry. Even hotter than her raps was her body. Lil Kim hid nothing — quite literally. As the years went by, however, Kim began to take drastic measures to preserve her appearance… which was a terrible idea. Her plastic surgeon wrecked Kim’s looks and possibly her music career.


8. Heidi Montag

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Resident Queen Bee of The Hills, Heidi Montag was gorgeous. She was the symbol of the rich, beautiful girl lifestyle and proudly flaunted it. Once her reality show The Hills ended, Heidi began to undertake what many called a “Barbie doll transformation.” She had dozens of surgeries over the course of a couple years, and the result wasn’t so much a Barbie doll transformation as it was a Frankenstein transformation.


9. Jenna Jameson

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The name Jenna Jameson is synonymous with hot porn. It was well known in the early 2000s that any porn worth watching had to have Jenna Jameson in it. She had a body to die for and a flawless face. After Jameson retired, her looks appeared to take the same route as her career. She became almost skeletally thin, her skin saggy and battered.


10. Janice Dickinson 

Janice Dickinson was the model of perfection – literally. She was splashed on magazine covers and ad campaigns all over the world, truly epitomizing the term supermodel. Unfortunately, mere mortal aging wasn’t enough for Janice. She underwent several extreme plastic surgery procedures that inflated her lips like old tires and sagged the rest of her face.


11. Kirstie Alley 

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Kirstie Alley was one of the most enviable babes of the 80s and early nineties. Her perfectly feathered hair and body were to the envy of millions of women. Somewhere along the lines, something went wrong. Kirstie Alley has been back and forth on the celebrity weight loss and weight gain scale, at one point weighing in at nearly 250 pounds. Her weight battles have been very public, with Alley becoming spokeswoman for several weight loss products.



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Most women have long since figured this one on their own, but a new study confirms that men look at women’s bodies more than their faces. Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that participants, when asked to look at full-body images of women, spend more time on breasts and waists before heading north.

Publishing their findings in academic journal Sex Roles, psychologists Sarah Gervais and Michael Dodd recruited 65 college-aged students in an attempt to discover the amount of time spent ogling the female form. Fitting them with an eye-tracking device, researchers asked the students to look at three photos of 10 different women while they measured the amount of time each recruit dwelt on various parts of the women’s bodies. The participants were then asked to rate the appearance or personality of each female pictured. In order to ascertain preference for a particular body type, the original image was manipulated – enhancing or decreasing sexualised body parts—in an effort to see which body type was more likely to draw attention. Responses show that men prefer curvier silhouettes, and judged their personalities more favourably.

“Although objectification theory suggests that women frequently experience the objectifying gaze with many adverse consequences, there is scant research examining the nature and causes of the objectifying gaze for perceivers,” explain the authors in the study’s abstract. “The main purpose of this work was to examine the objectifying gaze towards women via eye tracking technology. A secondary purpose was to examine the impact of body shape on this objectifying gaze.”

Beyond the confirmation of stereotypes, Gervais and Dodd seek to understand the mechanics behind the objectification of women in an attempt to prevent the limitations that come from reducing them into sexual objects. “It can undermine work performance,” said Gervais. “It can cause [women] to self-silence and it’s related to increased perceptions of sexual harassment. If you think about all of the negative consequences, figuring out what’s triggering all of those consequences, that’s the first step towards stopping it from happening.”

But it’s not only men who have been caught out; women are equally culpable when it comes to objectifying the bodies of other women. “We do have a slightly different pattern for men than women, but when we looked at their overall dwell times—how long they focused on each body part – we find the exact same effects for both groups,” added Gervais. “Women, we think, do it often for social comparison purposes.”

To reduce objectification, regardless of gender, Dodd says people first need to become aware of how they look at women – and make behavioural adjustments as necessary.

“By characterising the manner in which people fixate on the body when engaging in objectifying behaviour, it also becomes possible to determine methods of reducing this behaviour,” he said. “It’s not as though looking at the body of someone has to be, or is, a default behaviour. It just may be the case that cognitive control is required to engage in more appropriate, and less damaging, visual behaviour.”


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