Johnnie Walker is about to change its logo for the first time in more than a hundred years and replace the iconic ‘Striding Man’ logo with a female Jane version.

‘Jane Walker’ will feature on a limited US edition of the scotch whisky, picturing a woman tipping her hat in mid-stride.

The promotional pic will replace the top-hatted male and will be released to coincide with Women’s History Month and a week before International Women’s Day.

$US1 of every bottle sold goes towards a charity empowering women’s rights.

Jane Walker Black Label release.

“In recognition & appreciation of women who are leaders, we introduce Jane Walker, the first-ever female iteration of the brand’s iconic Striding Male logo. Jane Walker is the celebration of the many achievements of the female and a symbol of empowerment for all those on the march & achievements towards progress in gender equality,” the Johnnie Walker domain states.

“In recognition of the women in history who fought for moving forward, Johnnie Walker is donating a total of $250,000 to support various organizations championing women’s causes, including #MonumentalWomen and She Should Run,” the statement added.

#MonumentalWomen is aimed at creating a monument for the leaders of the Woman Suffrage Movement. She Should Run is a charity aimed at encouraging women of all political and ethnic backgrounds to run for leadership positions.

The decision for a female-friendly label, by London-based brand owner Diageo Plc, comes as UK beer bosses are urged to take more dramatic actions to stamp out “offensive” marketing towards women, according to the BBC.

Johnnie Walker bottles in the Johnnie Walker marquee.

The Jane Walker launch comes as #Times Up and #MeToo movements continue to shine a spotlight on sexual harassment.

#MeToo was an online social media campaigne in response to allegations against Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Right or Wrong.?? Who knows.Let us continue the battle for gender equality.

“Scotch as a category is seen as particularly intimidating by women,” Johnnie Walker Vice President Stephanie Jacoby said in a recent interview.

She felt Jane Walker was an “awesome & relevant opportunity to invite & entice women to the brand.”

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