Westfield tells women they are empowered to be anything

Delta Goodrem tells her younger self she can be anything and wear anything.

Scentre Group has launched its national autumn/winter 2016 fashion campaign ‘Own Your Story’, announcing singer Delta Goodrem and model Yay Deng as the new style ambassadors.

The campaign empowers women to embrace their individuality and express themselves through style.

delta-goodman-image www.goodgirlsgo.comyaya deng model image

In two short films, ‘Own Your Story’ sees Goodrem and Deng each share advice with their younger self on topics spanning fashion to self-confidence and career, based on lessons they’ve learned, told from their now adult perspective.

Deng says: “There will be times when the world thinks you can’t be a model. Don’t listen. Be beautiful, be intelligent. You can be both.”


Henry Sapiecha

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