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Henry Sapiecha

Microsoft says not everything is ‘man’ made – Video

Can’t name any female investors? Microsoft can.

Microsoft has launched a campaign to coincide with International Women’s Day in the US as part of an effort to encourage girls to enter tech fields.

The spot pictures young girls taking about why they love science but failing to name any inventors beside men. A montage of creations by women creators follows – including Maria Beasley who made the life raft. Who knew?

One girl says: “In school it was always male inventors. I just realised that.”

young girl at school image

The idea came from only men showing up in Google’s carousel search results when the term ‘famous investor’ is searched.
According to the World Economic Forum, the gender gap in computer science won’t close until the year 2133.

As part of its initiative, Microsoft also announced a patent program that will give select female inventors support in patenting their ideas. The idea is to address the reality that women hold only 7% of patents and just 15% of inventors in the US are female.

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Henry Sapiecha

Westfield tells women they are empowered to be anything

Delta Goodrem tells her younger self she can be anything and wear anything.

Scentre Group has launched its national autumn/winter 2016 fashion campaign ‘Own Your Story’, announcing singer Delta Goodrem and model Yay Deng as the new style ambassadors.

The campaign empowers women to embrace their individuality and express themselves through style.

delta-goodman-image www.goodgirlsgo.comyaya deng model image

In two short films, ‘Own Your Story’ sees Goodrem and Deng each share advice with their younger self on topics spanning fashion to self-confidence and career, based on lessons they’ve learned, told from their now adult perspective.

Deng says: “There will be times when the world thinks you can’t be a model. Don’t listen. Be beautiful, be intelligent. You can be both.”


Henry Sapiecha

Google’s Doodle ‘1 DAY I WILL’ celebrates International Women’s Day

Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama and Whoopi Goldberg

support Google #OneDayIWill campaign.

Google would like women around the world to share their own dreams supporting International Women’s Day.

The company has created a hashtag, #OneDayIWill and asked that women and girls write what they want to achieve. The initiative is gaining momentum, with Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama and Whoopi Goldberg posting the hashtag on their own Twitter accounts.

Google has made doodles to celebrate major days and achievements in the past. For International Women’s Day, the company wanted to celebrate the next generation of doodle-worthy women—the engineers, educators, leaders and movers and shakers of tomorrow.

Google visited 13 cities around the world and asked 337 women to complete the sentence “One Day I Will”, then compiled the results into a video shown upon clicking on the Google Doodle.

The women make up a diverse mosaic of personalities, ages and backgrounds and their aspirations are just as varied, ranging from the global to the very personal, from discovering more digits of pi to becoming a mother to giving a voice to those who are unable to speak.

Familiar people also participated, including anthropologist Jane Goodall, wanted to discuss the environment with the Pope, and Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai and activist Muzoon Almellehan

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Video creators: Lydia Nichols, Helene Leroux & Liat Ben-Rafael
Original music: Merrill Garbus


Henry Sapiecha

The stark reality of child brides

Not all weddings have happily ever afters.

For 15 million girls and young women around the world, their wedding day is not a happy one – their childhood is ripped away and they are put at risk of rape, violence and abuse.

Their wedding marks the end of their freedom.

child bride images www.goodgirlsgo (2)child bride images www.goodgirlsgo (1)child girl innocence images www.goodgirlsgo (1)child girl innocence images www.goodgirlsgo (2)

This is the message behind a powerful new campaign from UNICEF, aiming to put a spotlight on the grim reality of child brides and end child marriage.

The campaign was released to coincide with International Women’s Day, a day when women, girls and gender equality are at the forefront of our minds.

In the video, made in collaboration with popular bridal blog Bridal Musings, viewers are given an insight into Lilly and John’s “storybook” wedding.

Lilly is 11 – her husband is 35.

On the blog, it says: “Lilly took the day off school so that the couple could make use of the mid-week discount at their wedding venue – not that disrupting her studies really matters as Lilly won’t be going back to school this September.

“She’ll have far more pressing matters to deal with such as keeping house and rearing children in her new role as John’s wife.”

UNICEF executive director Anthony Lake says the new global programme will help drive action to reach the girls at great risk.

“This is critical now because if current trends continue, the number of girls and women married as children will reach nearly one billion by 2030 – one billion childhoods lost, one billion futures blighted,” Lake says.

The UNFPA-UNICEF global programme to end child marriage is being supported by Canada, the European Union, Italy, Netherlands, and the UK.