20 Pumped up Female Bodybuilders You don’t want to mess with

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When you think of buff arms, strong shoulders, a broad chest and protruding veins, you probably imagine the morphed physique of a male bodybuilder. However, men aren’t the only ones bulking up way beyond the normal standards.

Prior to 1977, bodybuilding was considered a strictly male-oriented sport, but once women began pumping iron to transform their bodies into exaggerated shapes, the game changed.

The opinions regarding women bodybuilders vary depending on who you ask. Some people say they admire their unique beauty and strength, while others find them incredibly grotesque.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: These are definitely 20 female bodybuilders you wouldn’t want to piss off.

To the best of our knowledge, all of these images are indeed women and have not been altered or photoshopped.

Do you think female bodybuilders are scary? Check out this pics gallery and decide for yourself.

1…female-110body builder image

2…female body builder image


4..female-71 body builder image

5…female-81body builder image

6…female-91body builder image

7…female-121 body builder image

8..female-151body builder image

9…female-181body builder image

10…female-body builder image

11…female body builder image 94

12…female body builder image 96

13…female body builder image 98

14..female body builder image 99

15…female body builer image 93

16..female body builer image 97

17…female body bulder image 95

18..female body builder in arm wrestle image

19… female body builder image 92

20…female body builder image 91 (5)

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