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According to the story, Angie claimed that doctors advised her about her condition, and told her that if she wanted to continue with her pregnancy, it would take a long time, probably up to 24 months, and she insisted to continue with the pregnancy. However, she now claims that the feeling is unbearable. She says that her baby weighs 19 pounds, and that for the past four months she could no longer walk. Medical experts are baffled with this case and they said that this is the first time ever for a mother to carry her child for more than 10 months, let alone 2 years!

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When news about a girl name Angie Dellora went viral, it sent shockwaves around the internet, especially among mothers and mothers to be. Imagine the struggle that every mother has to go through when carrying a child for 9 months – but imagine what Angie Dellora feels like, being pregnant with her boy for 24 months. That is two years of being pregnant, and still, she have not delivered yet. According to Angie, she just cannot take it anymore, and she certainly cannot wait to deliver and see her son. But at least, that is what Angie Dellora claims in the stories.

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Many people question, will the mother and baby survive the birth process? How can the baby last for so long in the womb? According to Angie Dellora, she is going to China to try out an experimental acupuncture treatment that would help to calm her nervous system down and regulate her blood cells, which would help to normalize the growth rate of the baby’s organ, and hopefully help Dellora to give birth faster. Angie claims that she is keeping her faith and hopes high and she hopes for the best after the experimental treatment.

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However, how true are the claims of Angie Dellora? Or the biggest question of them all, does she truly even exist? While the story of Angie Dellora’s 2 years pregnancy sent shockwaves through social media, being shared all over – there are many sceptics who believes that such claims is just impossible, and most probably that the story is a hoax, or not true. Further research into this story, some people found out the whole truth – and the truth is nothing as close to what the story claims. In fact, you will be shocked to know the real truth is….

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The real truth is Angie Dellora does not even exist, and the story is a hoax spread by NewsWatch-28, a popular comedy and satirical news sites. Blogs picked up the story, and started duplicating and spreading out the story. The woman in the picture is actually Czech mother, Alexandra Kinova. Yes, she is pregnant, and no she had not been pregnant for 2 years – but her pregnant belly is super huge because she carried quintuplets. Alexandra Kinova gave birth to 4 healthy sons and a daughter in 2013 in Prague.  The satirical website stole her picture and made up a fake story.

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This is a recent picture of the real women in the picture, Alexandra Kinova, with her husband, Antonin Kroscen, and their beautiful quintuplets. Her babies were the first quintuplets in the history of Czech Republic. They were naturally conceived, and she had an ordinary C-Section birth with no complications. Doctors cleared that the babies will grow up to be healthy. So there you go, the story of the allegedly 24 months old pregnant Angie Dellora is a hoax and is fake. Medically and scientifically, the story did not make sense, and nothing like that could ever happen. So mothers to be can take a sigh of relief. (6)

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