Women are responsible for 70-80% of household purchase decisions, not just FMCGs but cars and financial products, observes Bauer Media Sales Director Tony Kendall.

“In the last couple of years marketers are starting to wake up to the fact this powerful demographic cannot be ignored.”

Hearst Brands Australia general manager Marina Go says there are many different ways for women to interact with clients’ brands, across a multitude of platforms these days “and we have to be responsive to all those”.

“Getting women at the right moment with an advertiser’s brand is probably the biggest challenge I see for us,” admits Bauer Media head of digital commercial strategy Monique Harris.

The Australian Women’s Weekly’s editor-in-chief Helen McCabe has witnessed a dramatic change in how The Weekly relates to its clients compared to when she first started.

“It’s a much closer relationship now.”

It’s one appreciated by Harvey Norman’s Page.

Whether it’s print or digital, “all the different ways you can get to people is encompassed in the Bauer title…it’s seamless”. (8)

Henry Sapiecha

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