The Knowing Women Video-1: Reaching women

Women of the world today have countless media options literally at their fingertips and little time to engage with them, so to reach them you need to live in their shoes, says Marina Go.

The general manager of Hearst Brands Australia, the Bauer JV that has Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan in its stable, says the first step is to understand the individual in the audience.

“We look at her mindset, we look at her habits and behaviours and we create the content in accordance with that,” Go says.

“Each of our (media) brands has a really specific audience and we’re quite forensic in the way we approach them.”

Bauer Media Sales Director Tony Kendall says the much-loved magazines are still the vehicles through which deep connections are made with women. Building on those connections is the key these days with magazines the core from which we “create a 360 degree interaction with her” he says.

“Our websites perform part of that, the events that we do perform part of that function, we’re going to get more into branded content, licensing content, licensing the IP of our great brands to help advertisers grow their business.”

That’s music to the ears of Priceline marketing manager Allana May.

“It’s crucial that we’ve got full 360 degree advertising channels around us and we’re utilising each of them for their best purpose so they’re actually being the most meaningful way to communicate to women of all ages.”

Communicating to women of all demographics is something of a Bauer speciality, according to Head of Digital Commercial Strategy Monique Harris.

“We’ve basically got all women covered from the age of 13 with Dolly right through luxury with Harper’s and Elle…all the way through to a mass audience with The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“It means that if an advertiser comes to us and wants to reach women we can reach them at every stage in their life.” (5)

Henry Sapiecha

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