The Sophia Wallace project is helping everyone get ‘cliterate’

Sophia Wallace It's pretty shocking to think, okay, we have achieved nuclear fusion and yet we discovered the clitoris in 1998. image

Sophia Wallace: “It’s pretty shocking to think, ‘okay, we have achieved nuclear fusion…’ and yet we discovered the clitoris in 1998.” Photo: Sophia Wallace

Although the full anatomy of the clitoris was (scandalously) only properly discovered in 1998, there really are no more excuses for failing to get educated about this most essential feature of female sexual anatomy and function.

Inspired by artist Sophia Wallace’s body of work on Cliteracy, and science, The Huffington Post has put together an awesome interactive feature aimed at both educating everyone about the clitoris and getting them excited about applying that knowledge.

“The sad reality is that this society is incredibly il-cliterate,” says Wallace. “Half of the population has an organ that has been completely and utterly denied, but also attacked; it’s been removed in some cases. It’s been written out of history, it’s been medically ignored or even medically negated.”

“It’s pretty shocking to think, okay, we have achieved nuclear fusion, we’ve identified the boson particle, we can go to Mars, and yet we discovered the clitoris in 1998.”

The feature includes sections on the history of the clitoris being denied and hidden in science and medicine, on the internal and external anatomy of the clitoris, on what is missing from Sex Ed, on the culture of sex today and how the clitoris fits in (or doesn’t), and on how to spread the word. Each section is complete with pictures and educational videos, like this one from “sex re-educator” Jenny Block: (8)

Sex Education: The Missing Chapter from The Huffington Post on Vimeo.

So go out there now, get cliterate, practice saying clitoris and doing things with your clitoris. We have a lot of catching up to do.

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