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INTERNATIONAL Nurses Day is not too far away.

Most people would agree that there is something special about a nurse.

He/she is different from every-one else in the community.

In any place where people are, if there is an injury or unexpected emergency, the call quickly goes out for the nurse. That is because we all know that she is always ready, willing and able to assist.

If the nurse is nearby, a hushed assurance descends upon and unites the gathering.

All is going to be well.

She dutifully and professionally offers herself in the face of danger and disease to all who need her, regardless of race, religion or social status.

While professionally aloof from her patients, she has the ability to generate spontaneous compassion, understanding and discernment.

Her very presence aids the healing process.

She portrays sincere commitment and sacrifice.

Undaunted and unrelenting, she presses on through the lonely night watch, keeping vigil over the sick and frail while others sleep.

Her career is often fraught with abuse and misunderstanding by intoxicated or ungrateful patients.

Yet she treats them all with respect and kindness.

Many nurses have saved lives along our busy highways in an accident, while sadly some have themselves been the unfortunate victim.

Soldiers in all our wars have been greatly blessed by the dedication and faithfulness of our nurses on the battlefields.

Let us always admire, respect and support our nurses as does Frank Mason North when he writes (MHB 895): “The cup of water for you still holds the freshness of your grace, yet these multitudes long to see the sweet compassion of your face”.


Henry Sapiecha

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