New feminist Thor is selling way more comic books than the old Thor by Danielle Henderson

When Marvel introduced the newly rebooted Thor comic book last October, some fans were bothered by the fact that Thor is now a woman. “Bothered” is an understatement—the comments ran the entire length of the field between the goalposts of sexist and misogynist while deeply entrenched fans failed to wrap their heads around the fact that in a made-up universe you can do whatever you want, which includes changing the race and sex of long-standing characters.

While the audience breakdown is not available and there’s no way to know if the new Thor is bringing in more female readers, it is clear that she’s outselling the last series by A LOT. The first four new Thor books are currently selling more copies than the last four Thor books from 2012 by close to 20,000 copies per month, not including digital copies.


Henry Sapiecha

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