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An inspirational Melbourne woman who has just celebrated her 108th birthday has shared her secrets to a long, healthy and happy life.

Esther Penn is believed to be the oldest Australian woman still living independently in her own home at Forest Hill.

She has never been sick and still manages to tackle everyday domestic chores, including looking after her 44-year-old great nephew, Jason.

“She still gets around,” Jason told 7News reporter Jackie Quist. “She’s been cooking for over 100 years and she still cleans up after me everyday.”

She’s also a dab hand with an iron.

“I’m probably the only person in the world that has his underpants ironed by a 108-year-old,” Jason joked.

A retired dressmaker, Esther has never smoked or drunk alcohol, and attributes her longevity to healthy eating as a child.

The eldest of three, Esther never married.

“I never found anyone I liked and I was too busy looking,” she said.

She still remembers the introduction of the motor car, as well as both world wars, and her war effort in a munitions factory.

“I was filling little shells for aircraft,” she said.

As healthy as she was then, Esther has no intention of ever going into a nursing home.

She believes a cup of tea and lots of laughter will keep the doctor at bay.


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