Photo Project Shows The Culture And Counterculture Changes Of Women In The Past 100 Years

1920s Mainstream vs. Flapper image

In her project “Counter // Culture,” 16-year-old photographer Annalisa Hartlaub captures all the mainstream and countercultural movements that have defined the last 10 decades.  Through a series of 10 pictures, she documents how she believes she would have looked had she conformed to aesthetic norms vs been a bit more rebellious in the style of the time. Of course the photo shoot projects on women look in general from the different years and so she manages to present series of portraits that bring life to a century of women, contextualizing how the friction of mainstream and counterculture defined progression. Have a look:

1920s: Mainstream vs. Flapper

1920s Mainstream vs. Flapper image

1930s: Those less affected by the Great Depression vs those very affected.

1930s Those less affected by the Great Depression vs those very affected.image

1940s: Mainstream vs. Hepcat

1940s Mainstream vs. Hepcat image

1950s: Mainstream vs. Beatnik

1950s Mainstream vs. Beatnik image

1960s: Mainstream vs. Hippie

1960s Mainstream vs. Hippie image

1970s: Mainstream vs. Yippie

1970s Mainstream vs. Yippie image

1980s: Mainstream vs. Punk

1980s Mainstream vs. Punk image

1990s: Mainstream vs. Grunge

1990s Mainstream vs. Grunge image

2000s: Mainstream vs. Boho

2000s Mainstream vs. Boho image

2010s: Mainstream vs. Hipster

2010s Mainstream vs. Hipster image

Thank you Annalisa Hartlaub

Henry Sapiecha



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