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Oh the things we do to raise awareness. Just last week pregnant pop icon Alicia Keys felt it necessary, important and powerful to strip down to nothing to support a variety of causes, none directly related to nudity. This week Nestle Fitness (the cereal) installed a hidden camera in a woman’s bra and had her walk around London for ‘breast cancer awareness’.

The woman in a bustier top (with a tiny camera between her breasts) and smart jacket set off on an ordinary day in the city – cafes, meetings, errands and secretly filmed the reactions. It’s got to be said most are very subtle. A bra-shaped counter at the side of the screen clocks how many times her breasts are ‘ogled.’ It’s 38 in total. The twist, however, is that the 38th person is herself.

The message is (apparently), ‘if everyone else is checking out your breasts you might as well be checking them out too.’  

Personally my preference is that nobody was checking out my/her breasts nor making a feel-good community service announcement wrapped up in the casual objectification of women. At the end  of this PSA you’re left, weirdly, like you should be feeling good or at the very least amused by something that makes many women deeply uncomfortable and very angry.

Nestle is getting a big pat on the back for this clever campaign. Personally I think we can do better. I look forward to their ‘penis cam’ campaign for prostate cancer.